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Hardwarie - portable 2D graphics hardware acceleration

Hardwarie is a software library for using 2D Graphics Hardware Acceleration on Mac OS 9 - "Classic" and Mac OS X - "Carbon", through either Quicktime's Quickdraw 3D RAVE or Apple's OpenGL implementation. It has a very simple C/C++ interface, allowing you to achieve high frame rates in an easy manner.


Supported compilers:

  • CodeWarrior Pro
  • MPW
  • ProjectBuilder
  • Xcode

Hardwarie is written in C in Metrowerks CodeWarrior. It's also possible to use Apple MPW (Macintosh Programmers Workshop) or Apple ProjectBuilder/Xcode. Shared libraries are included for other environments (but please merge these into the final output to avoid DLL Hell™ for releases).

The blitters use either of:

  • Quickdraw 3D RAVE (for Classic)
    plus DrawSprocket for full-screen mode
  • Apple's OpenGL (for Carbon)
    plus features from Apple's GL library (AGL)

The computer must also have a graphics accelerator card.
If you are looking for fast software blitters, see BlitPixie.

Usage & Warranty

Conditions for use can be found in the LICENSE document, which also comes with the download.

Hardwarie uses the Open Source license known as the "libpng/zlib license". Full source code and necessary files are included in the download.

Source Download

Download the source code and documentation by HTTP:

Source code including documentation, shared libraries and a test application.

Current planning version

Current planning version is 1.2,
which will be released with SpriteWorld 3.1

Support for another "platform" has been added (SDL/OpenGL)

Current development version

Current development version is 1.1,
which will be released with SpriteWorld 3.0.2

Current stable version

Stable version is 1.0, released with SpriteWorld 3.0

Online Documentation

The library supports the drawing of:

  • Pixels, Lines, Rects
  • Frames (images) with Masks and Alpha Channels
  • Scaled frames (antialiased)
  • Rotated frames (arbitrary angle)

Most graphics cards limit hardware accelerated modes to depths above 8-bit (that is 16-bit and 32-bit mode). All sprites should fit in the video memory (VRAM) of the hardware for best performance.

The complete documentation is provided with the above download, but an old version can also be viewed online if you wish to do so.

Bug Reports & Feature Suggestions

This is a work in progress, and your help is appreciated.

It's helpful if you include as much information about your system as possible (MacsBug StdLog / Console output preferred), or that your suggestions for improvement are specific and constructive.

Bug/Feature Tracker

Projects using Hardwarie

There is currently only one project using Hardwarie:

  • SpriteWorld 3
    Macintosh programmer's sprite animation library, with tiling and scrolling.

Hardwarie on SourceForge

Hardwarie has a project page on SourceForge.

The project name is: hardwarie
You can view the CVS source code repository online.

Credits and Thanks

Anders F Björklund wrote the Hardwarie library.
Dario Accornero helped out with the OpenGL version.

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