Hardwarie FAQ

What is Hardwarie?
A code library with routines for doing hardware accelerated graphics.
Where did the name come from ?
Well, there is Hardware and there is Fairie... (I know. It's lame)
Are there any limits on frame sizes ?
No. Used textures are always a power of two in size, and tiled according to settings.
Does it work in 256 colors ?
No. 16 bits (Thousands) or 32 bits (Millions) are needed.
Does it work on 680X0 machines ?
No. Only on PowerPC, actually.

Doesn't CopyBits do hardware acceleration ?
Sortof. It accelerates some copies, especially CopyBits srcCopy and transparent modes. It does not do any blending, scaling or rotating. And VRAM GWorlds are a pain to use.
Doesn't DrawSprocket do hardware acceleration ?
No. Never did. And it does not work (except for choosing resolutions) in OS X either.
Doesn't Quartz do hardware acceleration ?
No. Quartz Extreme does, but only for window dragging... (and with 32 MB VRAM available)
Who did this FAQ?
afb - Anders F Björklund